6 Useful Phrases for Holidayers part two

¡Hola qué tal! This is part two of some useful phrases for your upcoming holidays. We usually say “me hace falta” to request something, when something is missing or needed. Falta is de verb (faltar) and is used in the the third person of singular in the following examples: -Falta un tenedor. (There’s a forkContinue reading “6 Useful Phrases for Holidayers part two”

🏖En la playa vocabulario

¡Hola qué tal! We would like to share this vocabulary of summer essentials when you go to the beach. 🏝🏖👙🌞🧴👒Cuando voy a la playa, necesito llevar mi bloqueador solar, mi bañador (traje de baño) y mi sombrero. ¿Te gusta ir a la playa? Do you like going to the beach? What do you usually doContinue reading “🏖En la playa vocabulario”