6 expresiones idiomáticas

Hola qué tal! I would like to share with you these useful expressions of how we would say these body idioms in Spanish. It’s always fun to find out how we would say them. Here are some examples: Ella me hizo el vacío. / Ella me ignoró. /Ella no me pela. (She gave me theContinue reading “6 expresiones idiomáticas”

Los conectores temporales

¡Buenos días! We want to share with you how to use time expressions of the past tense in Spanish. We use time expressions when we talk about finished actions. Utilizamos los conectores temporales en el tiempo pretérito indefinido cuando hablamos de acciones o eventos que han finalizado. Ejemplos: 🔹Ayer fui a la ciudad y almorcéContinue reading “Los conectores temporales”

🎶Learn Spanish by listening to music!

¡Hola qué tal! There are always different ways to learn a second language like Spanish in order to boost your vocabulary, your memory and improve your fluency. Certainly one of them is listening to music in the target language. Listening to music in a second language is always fun, it helps you to disconnect, andContinue reading “🎶Learn Spanish by listening to music!”