Conversation Starters in Spanish

¡Muy buenas tardes! Ya es viernes de nuevo, ¡Como la canción! 🎵😅 Good afternoon everyone! It’s Friday again, then Saturday and Sunday…😅 We want to share with you, these two conversation starters in two different settings: With friends and in the pub/at the party. ¿Qué planes tienes este fin de semana? Do you have anyContinue reading “Conversation Starters in Spanish”

“Postres y en la Panadería Vocabulario”

¡Hola qué tal! If you have sweet tooth like me, I think this is going to be quite interesting. When we think about pastries we think about croissants, cinammon rolls, cupcakes, etc. In Mexico, we called them “pan dulce.” We have all kinds of pastries, even Cornish pasties which could be sweet not only savoury,Continue reading ““Postres y en la Panadería Vocabulario””

El clima ¿Qué tiempo hace?

¡Hola! We usually talk about the weather, so here’s a vocabulary about the weather in Spanish. ”El clima o el tiempo” it’s when we talk about the weather. Example: -Hoy está nublado. Today is cloudy/gloomy. ¿Qué tiempo hace? -Hace frío (It’s cold) Save this post, comment below and don’t forget to follow us and learnContinue reading “El clima ¿Qué tiempo hace?”