🎶Learn Spanish by listening to music!

¡Hola qué tal! There are always different ways to learn a second language like Spanish in order to boost your vocabulary, your memory and improve your fluency. Certainly one of them is listening to music in the target language. Listening to music in a second language is always fun, it helps you to disconnect, andContinue reading “🎶Learn Spanish by listening to music!”

Aprende los Géneros del Cine en Español

¡Hola qué tal! Ya es fin de semana y es una buena excusa para relajarse y ver una peli (película) desde la comodidad de tu casa después de trabajar o estudiar tanto.🎥🍿 Hello everyone! It’s the weekend and it’s the perfect excuse to chill and watch a film from the comfort of your home afterContinue reading “Aprende los Géneros del Cine en Español”

El clima ¿Qué tiempo hace?

¡Hola! We usually talk about the weather, so here’s a vocabulary about the weather in Spanish. ”El clima o el tiempo” it’s when we talk about the weather. Example: -Hoy está nublado. Today is cloudy/gloomy. ¿Qué tiempo hace? -Hace frío (It’s cold) Save this post, comment below and don’t forget to follow us and learnContinue reading “El clima ¿Qué tiempo hace?”

5 Happy idioms and how to say them in Spanish

¡Buenos días! Good morning everyone! Today we want to share with you this post of 5 useful expressions to learn some Spanish. How to say these Happy idioms in Spanish? Well, there are always different ways to say that you’re over the moon, or having a good time. Let’s find out how you could sayContinue reading “5 Happy idioms and how to say them in Spanish”