¡Hola qué tal! Let’s have a look of how to express wishes in Spanish. -We can use verbs such as gustar ➡️ gustaría (to like) querer➡️ quisiera (to want) desear ➡️ desearía (to wish) Today we have some examples with the verb “gustar”. These verbs are commonly followed by a verb in infinitive form. (-ar,-er,-irContinue reading “EXPRESSING WISHES IN SPANISH”

6 expresiones comunes para mostrar sorpresa

¡Hola qué tal! ¡Espero hayas tenido un excelente fin de semana! I hope you had a great weekend! Hoy quiero compartirte estas 5 expresiones más un bonus para mostrar sorpresa. I’d like to share with you these 5 common expressions + a bonus of how we could show surprise in Spanish. At the end youContinue reading “6 expresiones comunes para mostrar sorpresa”

🏖En la playa vocabulario

¡Hola qué tal! We would like to share this vocabulary of summer essentials when you go to the beach. 🏝🏖👙🌞🧴👒Cuando voy a la playa, necesito llevar mi bloqueador solar, mi bañador (traje de baño) y mi sombrero. ¿Te gusta ir a la playa? Do you like going to the beach? What do you usually doContinue reading “🏖En la playa vocabulario”

La lectura: Expressing Opinions in Spanish

¡Hola qué tal! Are you a keen reader? ¿Eres un asiduo lector? Hoy quiero compartir contigo este bocadillo de español llamado “La lectura” (Reading) expresando opiniones en español de lo que nos gusta leer. I want to share with you this grammar snack called “La lectura” (reading) Expressing opinions in Spanish. Examples: 📖Me gustan lasContinue reading “La lectura: Expressing Opinions in Spanish”

Vocabulario El Mundo de la música

¡Hola qué tal! Queremos compartir contigo este vocabulario acerca del mundo de la música. We want to share with you this useful vocabulary about the world of music. The suffix -ist in the English language is quite common in order to change nouns into other nouns when we talk about professions or when we wantContinue reading “Vocabulario El Mundo de la música”


¡Hola qué tal! Hello everyone! We want to share this list of different ways to call a friend in Spanish. In Mexico, we usually call a friend amigo/amiga. In England, we usually call a friend mate, China plate mate, chum or pal. 😄 Have you heard of these expressions before? How do you usually callContinue reading “DIFFERENT WAYS TO CALL A FRIEND IN SPANISH”