Native Spanish Speaker Tutor in the UK

¿Quién soy?

¡Hola, I’m Miriam Navarrete! I was born and raised in Mexico.
I’ve moved to the UK in 2017 living in the North East, in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

I’m a native Spanish speaker and a qualified “English as second language” teacher with over ten years of experience.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Along with my previous professional experience and my Tesol certifications, it has provided me with the skills as a Languages Teacher to create a supportive and a nurturing environment to facilitate learning among my students.

I have always considered myself a language enthusiast”.

My passion for Modern Foreign Languages started since I was very little. As a student, I understand how important it is to know ourselves in terms of how we learn best, in order to build up our confidence when learning a new language.

It should be fun, interesting and practical in ways which are specific to your needs.

I have been working with adults at all levels, young learners (6-11yr old), and GCSE/A Level students.

Learning Spanish at your own pace

I enjoy teaching and use a range of supporting materials and always at your own pace. As a teacher, I work with every student in mind to plan lessons which are interesting, enjoyable, tailored and suitable according to each learner needs.

Spanish for everyone

Whether you are an absolute beginner and want to learn Spanish for your upcoming holidays and looking for new adventures, or you are proficient and want to keep improving your fluency, I will be more than happy to help you.

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