¡Hola qué tal!

Let’s have a look of how to express wishes in Spanish.

-We can use verbs such as gustar ➡️ gustaría (to like)

querer➡️ quisiera (to want)

desear ➡️ desearía (to wish)

Today we have some examples with the verb “gustar”.

These verbs are commonly followed by a verb in infinitive form. (-ar,-er,-ir endings).

i.e. gustar ➡️ gustaría (We need to add to the stem of the verb -ría ending)

-Me gustaría ir a la playa. 🏖 (I’d like to go to the beach).

📌’ir’ is the infinitive form of the verb (to go) which is an irregular verb.

-Me gustaría viajar por todo el mundo.🌎 (I’d like to travel around the world).

📌’Viajar’ is the main verb on the previous sentence.

What would you like to do? Qué te gustaría hacer?

¡Me gustaría ir a la playa ahora! (I’d like to go to the beach now!)

Can you think of any examples? What would you like to do?

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Have a lovely Thursday beautiful people! ¡Feliz jueves gente bonita!

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