6 expresiones idiomáticas

Hola qué tal!

I would like to share with you these useful expressions of how we would say these body idioms in Spanish.

It’s always fun to find out how we would say them.

Here are some examples:

Ella me hizo el vacío. / Ella me ignoró. /Ella no me pela. (She gave me the cold shoulder)

Disculpa que estaba ocupada, pero soy toda oídos (Sorry I was busy but I’m all ears)

Mis labios están sellados, no diré nada.🤫 My lips are sealed.

Mateo se hizo de la vista gorda con… (Matthew turned a blind eye on…)

Mucha mierda! (Mucha suerte) 🍀 (Break a leg)

Can you think of any examples?

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Feliz inicio de semana! Have a great week!

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