The Preterite tenses in Spanish

¡Buenas tardes!

Today we’re going to talk about the past tenses in Spanish.

PRETÉRITO INDEFINIDO (PRETERITE TENSE) It is used to talk about completed actions or specific events in the past. Por ejemplo:
🌼En 1975, mis padres fueron al concierto de Bob Dylan.
(In 1975, my parents went to Bob Dylan’s concert).

🇫🇷 El verano pasado fui a Francia.
(Last summer I went to France).

It is used for repeated or continuous events in the past. Por ejemplo:
🎮En los 90’s, jugaba “street fighter” en mi consola.
(In the 90’s, I played “street fighter” in my video games console.

PERFECTO (Perfect).
To form the perfect tense, use the present tense of haber+past participle.

Yo he

Tu has

él/ella ha

nosotros hemos

vosotros habéis

ustedes han

ellos han

Por ejemplo:
🇨🇦Nunca he viajado a Canadá (I have never travelled to Canada).

Can you think of any examples using the preterite tense in Spanish?

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