Los conectores temporales

¡Buenos días!

We want to share with you how to use time expressions of the past tense in Spanish.

We use time expressions when we talk about finished actions.

Utilizamos los conectores temporales en el tiempo pretérito indefinido cuando hablamos de acciones o eventos que han finalizado.


🔹Ayer fui a la ciudad y almorcé con mis amigos. (Yesterday, I went to the city centre and had lunch with my friends.)

🔹El fin de semana pasado, fui a la playa. (I went to the beach last weekend.)

Ejemplos de los conectores temporales:

🔹El jueves pasado (last Thursday)

🔹Hace cinco meses (5 months ago)

🔹El fin de semana pasado (Last weekend)

🔹Ayer (yesterday)

🔹Antier (the day before yesterday)

🔹Anoche (last night)

Can you think of any examples?

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