🎶Learn Spanish by listening to music!

¡Hola qué tal!

There are always different ways to learn a second language like Spanish in order to boost your vocabulary, your memory and improve your fluency.

Certainly one of them is listening to music in the target language.

Listening to music in a second language is always fun, it helps you to disconnect, and it definitely helps you to improve your listening skills, to enhance your pronunciation while you’re chilling and having a good time.

We also think that learning Spanish is more exciting if we use a wide range of options, like listening to music. Listening to Latin music is a must!

Listening to songs in Spanish, would help you to identify the different dialects that Spanish language has and learn new useful expressions spoken by the natives.

We’d like to share with you these 10 – Classic Spanish songs- to help you to improve your language skills.

Have you got any Spanish songs on your playlist?

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🔹Learn Spanish with us


  1. Los amigos Invisibles-Mentiras

2. Jarabe de Palo-La Flaca

3. Los mamastróficos-Showtime

4. Julieta Venas-Me voy

5. Aterciopelados-Bolero falaz

6. Soda Stereo-De música ligera

7. Café Tacvba-Eres

8. Miguel Bosé-Aire Soy

9. Natalia Lafourcade- Amor, amor de mis amores

10. Jesse&Joy-Ecos de Amor

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