Vocabulario El Mundo de la música

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Queremos compartir contigo este vocabulario acerca del mundo de la música.

We want to share with you this useful vocabulary about the world of music.

The suffix -ist in the English language is quite common in order to change nouns into other nouns when we talk about professions or when we want to form adjectives.

In Spanish,the suffix would be -ista in some nouns when we talk about professions or occupations.


piano-pianista (piano-pianist)

violín-violinista (violin-violinist)

guitarra-guitarrista (guitar-guitarist)

bajo-bajista (bass player-bassist)

🎸Mi amigo es guitarrista en una banda de rock. (My friend is a bass player in a rock band)

There are some exceptions*

Música-músico (music-musician). Cantautor(a). (songwriter)

Let’s have a look to the vocabulary!

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