5 Happy idioms and how to say them in Spanish

¡Buenos días! Good morning everyone!

Today we want to share with you this post of 5 useful expressions to learn some Spanish.
How to say these Happy idioms in Spanish? Well, there are always different ways to say that you’re over the moon, or having a good time. Let’s find out how you could say that you’re happy in Spanish.

¿Cómo estás? – ¡Hoy me siento sobre los cuernos de la luna!
You’re over the moon, everything is going smoothly and you want to share how you feel, this is the perfect expression to tell someone that everything is going great.

¡Me siento tan feliz! ! ¡Estoy tan feliz! These expressions communicate that you’re on cloud nine.

This expression is one of my favourites. “¡Me haz hecho el día!”

There are different ways to say that you’re having a whale of a time in Spanish.

-Me la estoy pasando increíble, ¡Estoy pasándola brutal! It depends basically of the context and these two expressions are ideal to say you’re having a good time.

¡Estoy feliz como una lombriz! It might sound funny in the beginning because “lombriz” means worm but I assure you that is a very useful expression to say that you’re happy as Larry.

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¡Feliz martes! Happy Tuesday!

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